AINDACE Foundation.

      AINDACE Foundation was created in the year 2015  by a family whose 4-year-old daughter suffered from a long cardiac arrest resulting in a persistent vegetative state.

   As a non-profit organization, the social goal of AINDACE  foundation  is the fundraising and promotion of voluntary donations in order to help medical research of brain injury diseases.

    AINDACE cooperates with several laboratories and Research Centers suited for developing such research projects.

    You can now contribute to our social goal here. The research of brain diseases. Tumors, stroke, trauma, hypoxia (drowning), can cause brain injury and damage of varying severities (some of them can be degenerative).

    Help us to study these diseases and improve the quality of life for patients, caregivers and their supporting relatives.

     You can get more English information in this website by clicking "Language" at top-right side.

     You can also download here our triptych.

     Thank you.

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